Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Sponsor’s may send additional money to their orphan.

Sponsorships are an annual commitment; they will auto renew every 12 months unless you advise us that you do not wish to continue sponsoring.

Let us know as soon as you know! We understand that life happens, and you may have other obligations you need to take care of.

These funds help pay for food, clothing, medicine and education.

Due to Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation’s policy, Al-Ayn USA does not have access to the orphans’ personal information.

Once you have been a sponsor for at least 3 months we can set up a meeting with your orphan in Iraq at an Al-Ayn branch in the city the orphan lives in.
Please be aware that the orphans’ family has the right to deny visitations.

The orphan typically resides with their mother or another family member in the absence of the mother.

Go to our website, under the “donate” tab is a sponsorship category, you can fill out an application and submit it online or write it out and email