Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation is an independent 501(c) (3) humanitarian organization registered and identified as a US public charity established in 2014 under EIN: 47-1614315. Our primary aim is to tend to the millions of orphaned children and thousands of displaced families resulting from war and acts of terrorism. Al-Ayn US works in collaboration with Al-Ayn Iraq which has been awarded consultative status by the United Nations as a Humanitarian NGO.


Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation is a U.S public charity established in 2014. Our goal is to stand for the orphaned and destitute. Since 2003, millions of Iraqi children have been orphaned and thousands of families have been displaced due to war and acts of terrorism. Al-Ayn US works closely with its sister organization in Iraq which was established in 2006 and has been the pioneer in supporting this cause since its inception.


Al-Ayn is unwavering in its commitment to the orphaned and displaced. In an effort to ensure the success and continuity of our mission; we offer our donors multiple avenues in which they can donate. Thanks to our key partners, our administrative costs are completely reimbursed, this allows for a 100% of funds donated to be allocated in service of intended recipients.


Unnoticed by much of the world, millions of orphans in Iraq face inconceivable hardships. The children we work with experience unimaginable tragedies and are often victims of violence, extreme poverty, physical and psychological trauma, malnutrition, and impaired development.