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Our Mission

Since our doors opened in 2006, it has been Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation’s mission to change the lives of orphans across all of Iraq for the better. Our goal is to provide social services and care to Iraqi orphans and their families with the continuous support of our donors and sponsors.
As most of us go on with our daily lives, we tend to forget how blessed we are with our health and with our environment. As one community, one that uplifts and motivates one another, we are given the greatest blessing in having unconditional love and support. When we are auspicious, we are supported in our successes, and when we are distressed, we are comforted by one another. It is an understatement to say that we have been granted the beautiful gift of a life without calamity, unlike our orphaned sisters and brothers in the Middle East.

Becoming Strong Again... ONLY Together!

YOUR Impact

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation has sponsored 117,245 orphans since opening its doors, of which 53,963 have become financially stable. There are currently 63,282 orphans sponsored by Al-Ayn, and 2,369 awaiting sponsorship.

We Are In A Mission

To Help The Helpless

Transparency and Financial

Here at Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation, our core values revolve around utmost transparency and honesty with our charitable donors. For this reason, we have registered our organization with GuideStar, an organization that ranks non-profits based on transparency, and made our financial statements public for you to access. In addition to this, GuideStar has given us a “Gold Seal,” which is only given to 5% of non-profits registered with them. Our profile explains how and where we allocate your donations, and how they fund our mission of helping orphans and changing their lives.

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With your help, Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation was able to launch a new international initiative, geared towards rebuildi_ng the homes of hundreds of orphans before the harsh winter sets in. This campaign went on for a duration of two months, and that time, our charitable donors raised funds to rebuild 495 homes, coming to a grand total of almost $75,000!

Lets Change The

World With Humanity

Delivering help and hope to children

We Are In A Mission

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Al-Ayn’s Annual Orphan Sponsorship program is a robust initiative that helps care for thousands of orphans in Iraq.

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Helping Orphans

Unnoticed by much of the world, millions of orphans in Iraq face inconceivable hardships in their day-to-day lives.

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Entire communities may feel the positivity that illuminates from a renewed soul, because what happens in the life of a child ripples throughout his/her environment.

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Displaced Families

We utilize our long-term presence, relationships, and knowledge of communities, local structures, and institutions to assist affected children and families through the different phases of recovery.

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Khums Payments

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation has a direct ijaza (written permission) from Al-Sayyed Ali Al-Sistani to receive religious dues (Khums) to spend on the orphaned children.

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Unnoticed by much of the world, millions of orphans in Iraq face inconceivable hardships in their day-to-day lives.

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We Are In A Mission

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